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150 S. LBJ Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666 512-353-2739 (BREW)


Carlos Russo
150 S. LBJ Dr., San Marcos, TX 78666
512-353-2739 (BREW)


The beer at AquaBrew never faces temperature swings, reacts with oxygen, or even sees the light of day until it flows out of the tap and into your glass. Founder and Chemical Engineer Carlos Russo implemented a brewery that has precise control over the process, temperatures, and volumes, resulting in absolute control over the process of making our craft beer.

There's another guy to thank for all of your favorite AquaBrew beers: our brewmaster, David Jones. David takes care of everything, from developing recipes to overseeing the fermentation process to ensuring the best quality for the final product. The knowledge and expertise he’s gained in his 15 years as a beer researcher and enthusiast make him the ideal person to create our great products. David has mastered the art and science behind it all to create original and bold flavors for you to enjoy.

Together, Carlos's engineering and David's art have made it possible to arrive where we find ourselves today, passionate and deliberate craft beer aimed to please the palate.


Take one sip and you'll agree, AquaBrew's beer is characterized by outstanding flavor.

At AquaBrew, we brew an incredible range of beer styles. Some of them are available throughout the year, whereas some are only brewed seasonally. Make sure to visit us frequently so you can try them all!

Guests are welcome to sample any beer they wish, to get a feel for the aromas and flavors. Once you develop your pallet, you’ll be able to pick up on flavors you never detected before, and enjoy the beautifully complex and diverse traits of beer!

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